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    Levelling agent O

    Composition: condensation compound of fatty alcohol and epoxy ethane
    Ionicity: non-ionic 
    Tech spec.: 
        Appearance: white sojlid (flakes or lumpsor) 
        Color: Pt-C. (1% aqueous solution)=80
        pH-value: 5.5-7.0(1% aqueous solution) 
        Turbidity point: 90.0-94.0?(0.5g Levelling agent O soluble in 5% Nacl solution) 
        Dispersion of calcium soap: =30.0g
    Properties & Use: 
        As levelling agent, diffusant, stripping agent for dyeing 
    Packing & Storage: 
    25kgs composite bag. Stored in cool and draughty warehouse

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